Cherry Crumble

Hullo! The outfit in this post is technically not a new one, but an upgraded version of my “Anniversory Festival outfit”. The summer hat just worked so well with the this outfit. I also changed the firework-bagpack to my favorite bag, cooks trappings as I thought it would fit the Summer Festival atmosphere better being a lot about foods and all! πŸ˜€

Here’s some pictures from The Taste of Hobbiton! Why bet on other hobbitses when you can join into the delicious fun yourself? πŸ˜‰
I ehm.. lost the race however… I got kinda stuck at the pie-table *blush*

(it was meant to say “Happy Lithe Festival” at first, but since that was quite some time ago I changed it to just Happy (any) festival! XD)


Since RoR this has become my “main outfit” as it matches my dear warsteed. I named her “Cherry Crumble” cuase I just happened to find one of those delicious cakes as a gift in my mail while I was figuring out a name for her. I figured it was quite a cute name for a pony. She might seem small but she’s the bravest little pony in the world and a wonderful companion on my many adventures! ^_^



Items in Rosline’s outfit:
Head: Summerdays Hat (dye Sienna) (summer-festival)
Shoulder: Yule scarf (dye umber) (yule-festival)
Chest: Thatchers Shirt (dye burgundy) (skirmish camp, cosmetics)
Back: Cooks trappings (dye umber) (skirmish camp, cosmetic items)
Leggs: Ceremonial silver-voice leggings (dye umber) (skirmish-camp, helegrod light cosmetics)

Item in Cherry Crumbles outfit:
Hide: Shaggy Roan Warsteed (dyed Red Roan)
Body: Light Caparsion of The Wold (dyed Rust)
Mane/tail: (dyed Dark Chestnut)
saddle: Light Saddle of The Norcrofts
Gear: Gatherer’s Accessory

Thats all for this time! πŸ˜€

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Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Hullo again! or Ahoy! Now its time for an other none-hobbit-outfit! This time its my dear dwarf Drumle’s time to be in the spotlight! Or well, its really his “alter-ego” Captain Fuzzybeard the Pirate! πŸ˜€
This is one of the many pirate-outfits I made during the “Talk like a Pirate day”-event! All of them were for my dwarf, I just love dressing him up as a pirate! ^_^

And he seems to enjoy it quite a lot himself!

captain fuzzybeard2

captain fuzzybeard

Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest.
Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for,
because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.
-Jack Sparrow

*giggle* I couldnt resist to make a Jack Sparrow quote here! ^_^

captain fuzzybeard3

Oh noes, time for the item-list, and ones again I have no idea of the names of all these items, but I’ll do my best and add a better list later.


Head: Pirate hat! (dye red or crimson) (from the Talk-like-a-pirate-day-event)
Shoulders: (RoI pre-order shoulders, white version)
Chest: No idea about the name but its from (some RoI instance)
Hands: Fingerless gloves (umber dye) (Yule-festival)
Feet: RoI pre-order boots (I think its the red version)
Back: Inn league survival-pack (undyed) (lotro store)

Thats it! I’ll come with a better more correct item-list soon! πŸ˜€

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Hooray for fireworks!

Oki its time to show of an other oufit. This time its a festival themed one, an explosive little outfit I made during the anniversary festival! The more fireworks the better I say! πŸ˜€

Here comes loads and loads of pictures. Oh and by the way, I have no idea how I did it, but if you click on one of the pictures even more will show up like a slideshow! (there’s even a short little comic hiding there somwhere! XD) It looks quite cool, though the names might seem a bit wierd, as they’re just random names I took while editing the pictures long ago before I even had plans to make a blog. ^_^


This is one of my absolute favorite festival-ponies and I was riding him during the whole Galloping Gala events! πŸ˜€

Rosline Tinytoe the beloved

I actually updated this outfit during the summer festival, and I’ll add the results of that one in a later post! ^_^

many small pictures

Items(at least slighty correct this time!):

Head: Bounder sherriffs cap (burgdundy dye) (shire quest-reward)
Shoulders: Yule scarf (umber dye) (yule-festival)
Chest: Thatchers shirt (burgundy-dye) (Skirmish-camp, cosmetics)
Leggs: Cermonial Silver-voice leggings (skirmish-camp, helegrod light cosmetics)
Back: Cooks trappings (dye umber) (skirmish-camp cosmetical items)

More outfits will come soon! πŸ˜€

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Strolling through the Forest

So! Its time for me very first outfit-post! Oh holy taters! This is so exiting! πŸ˜€
So I’ll start with the very first outfit I posted on the “Show us your favorite outfit”-thread. I was soo nervous cuase it was my very first forum-post and I wasn’t even sure how to post pictures! But in the end I managed to make it and it turned out fine! πŸ˜€

Here was the description I wrote back then (slightly edited):

“This oufit is inspired by the hunter-class and its connection to the forest. It is perfect for hunting or just taking a stroll through the woods.

I used to refuse my hobbits to wear shoes, but RoI brought so many nice looking boots I could not resist to dress my little hobbits in them. And since they’re crazy enough to leave the shire they are most likely crazy enough to wear these handsome boots! “

Hehe, I still giggle when I run pass the outfit-dummys (I refuse calling them mannequins, outfit-dummys are funnier! ^_^) wearing pretty much this outfit! XD

While previewing I see the pictures looks slighty messy, but well, thats what happens when Rosline the blog-newbie is in charge! πŸ˜€






Oh noes! its time for the hard part! *yikes* Were did I find all this stuff! XD
Oki its late and I’m too tired to do any serious research so I’ll just write down what I remember and edit it tommorow! πŸ˜‰

So here we go:

Head: I think the name is somethung like: Plummed Fancy Hat (its from lotro store only!)(dye olive)
Shoulders: No idea about the name, but tailors can make them since RoI! (dye olive)
Chest: I don’t know its name either, but it can be found as serveral quest rewards in Dunland (dye olive)
Hands: Just like the chestpiece these are questreward from Dunland (dye umber)
Boots: Same goes for those as with the gloves and chestpiece (dye umber)
Back: Trappers pack (from skirmish-camp)(dye umber)

Oki so the only item I’m 100% sure about it the bagpack, oh well, tommorow I’ll edit it so don’t worry! πŸ˜€


Oki now I have the correct item information:

Head: Fancy Plummed hat (lotro store only)
Shoulders: Fated Westfold Assault Shoulders (westfold-crafted)
Chest: Riders sturdy waistcoat (Dunland quest reward)
Hands: Sturdy leather Guantlets (Dunland quest reward)
Feet: Scouts weathered leather boots (Dunland quest reward)
Back: Trapper’s pack (Skirmish camp, cosmetic items)

There you go! πŸ˜€

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