Tweedia’s Summersteed

Hullo! ^_^

This is one of my old outfits I made last summer to match up this beautiful summersteed!


I absolutely love the colourfulness of this pony, its sooo very hobbity and cheerful! Sadly I don’t think its aviable anymore, maybe possibly through lotro-store. Anyway, with such a lovely colourful pony I feelt I simply had to give my little hobbit Tweedia something to match it up with! And since summer-festival had arrived, why not make it a party-outfit! So I used the funniest hat thats in the game, the woodruff’s hat! 😀



Here’s the items I used for the outfit, I’m really sorry but I don’t know the correct dyes! 😮

Hat: Woodruff’s Hat, dyed in either dark green or forest green It can be found either by a quest in Trestelbridge, random drop or it can be bought in lotro store
Shoulders: Cermonial Silver-voice Shoulders, dyed most likely in dark green! It found in skirmish-camp, cosmetic vendor, Helegrod light armour.
Cloak: Cloak of the Autumn Wood, dyed most likely in dark green, can be found in lotro-store
Chest: Long Dwarf-make Robe undyed, can be found by the outfitter in Thorins Hall
Hands: Ceremonial Silver-Voice Gloves, undyed, Cermonial Helegrod light-set, can be found by skimish outfitter
Boots: Cermonial Dragon-scale boots, dyed forest green, also found in skirmish cosmetic vendor, helegrod heavy-set

Thats it, thanks for reading, have a lovely day! ^_^

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