A stroll through Chetwood

Hullooooo! ^_^
Here comes the promised outfit and this time its a casual outfit for a hunter. Its quite simple, but I like it very much!

I really love the design of this dress! The leather bracelet attached to the arms prevents the long sleeves to get tangled into the bow and since its not low-necked in the back (like all the other dresses in lotro) it works really well with the travelers hood! 😀

While this outfit might not be very practical for hunting or exiting adventures to far away places it is however perfect if all you wanna do is take a little stroll through the woods and at the same time practice your archery a bit.

While I wandered around in Chetwood looking for the perfect place to take pictures for this outfit I found a absolutely beautiful pond with pretty waterlilies, surrounded by amazing trees and greenery. I felt in love with the place, it had such a magical atmosphere, its now having a place in my quite long list of favorite places in Middle Earth! ^_^

Touching the surface of the water (small)

Watching the beautiful nature (small)

After admirring the beautiful pool it was time for some archery training.

Archer Tinytoe

These berries were way too tasty to be left uneaten!

Tasty berries!


Items used in the outfit:

Head: Travelers hood Dyed: Burgundy (lotro store)
Chest: Harvest-brew Dress Dyed: Burgundy (Autumn festival)
Back: Fancy Quiver Dyed: Burgundy (Trestlebridge Outfitter)

Thats all, have a lovely day! ^_^

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A Fancy Stroll Through the Woods

Hullo Hullo! Its time for an other outfit, and surprise surprise! Its not an hobbit outfit this time but an elf-maid outfit! 😀

This is what I wrote when I posted it on the forums:

“I made a new outfit for my elf Merilineth today! She usually wears fluffy robes and fancy dresses but those are not very good to wander around the forest with as branches, dirt and who knows what tend to get stuck in the long skirts. Since Merilineth really enjoy to walk in the woods I had to give her something proper to wear while doing so.

Now she can stroll around in the forest without having to worry about ruin her dresses and pretty robes and she still look quite fancy I would say!”

This outfit is very hunter-ish but Merilineth is a RK, so I had to make up a good excuse for dressing her like that. 😉
All my characters have their own special style which matches their presonality, but sometimes I make exceptions cuase I love playing around with difrent outfits, and having only one elf character, Merilineth sometimes wears all kinds of stuff. ^_^


Her names means: Nightingale, Rune-lady, Strong-love in Sindarin if anyone is curious! ^_^
(At least if the site I found on google was correct! My knowledge in Sindarin is not very good so I can’t be 100% sure!)



Time for the item list:
Head: Fancy Plummed Hat (Rivendell green dye) (lotro store)
Shoulders: Cermonial Silver-voice Shoulders (Rivendell green dye) (Skirmish Camp, Helegrod light cosmetics)
Back: Cloak of the Unwelcome Guest (Umber dye) (Great river quest reward)
Chest: Ceremonial Nenuials Jacket (Rivendell green dye) (Skirmish camp, Annuminas medium cosmetics)
Hands: Fingerless gloves (dye umber) (Yule festival)
Leggs: Cermonial Doom-Hunters leggins (Rivendell green dye) (Skirmish camp, rift medium cosmetics)
Feet: Scouts wheatred boots (umber dye) (Dunland quest reward)

oh well, thats all for this time! More outfits to come soon! 😀

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Strolling through the Forest

So! Its time for me very first outfit-post! Oh holy taters! This is so exiting! 😀
So I’ll start with the very first outfit I posted on the “Show us your favorite outfit”-thread. I was soo nervous cuase it was my very first forum-post and I wasn’t even sure how to post pictures! But in the end I managed to make it and it turned out fine! 😀

Here was the description I wrote back then (slightly edited):

“This oufit is inspired by the hunter-class and its connection to the forest. It is perfect for hunting or just taking a stroll through the woods.

I used to refuse my hobbits to wear shoes, but RoI brought so many nice looking boots I could not resist to dress my little hobbits in them. And since they’re crazy enough to leave the shire they are most likely crazy enough to wear these handsome boots! “

Hehe, I still giggle when I run pass the outfit-dummys (I refuse calling them mannequins, outfit-dummys are funnier! ^_^) wearing pretty much this outfit! XD

While previewing I see the pictures looks slighty messy, but well, thats what happens when Rosline the blog-newbie is in charge! 😀






Oh noes! its time for the hard part! *yikes* Were did I find all this stuff! XD
Oki its late and I’m too tired to do any serious research so I’ll just write down what I remember and edit it tommorow! 😉

So here we go:

Head: I think the name is somethung like: Plummed Fancy Hat (its from lotro store only!)(dye olive)
Shoulders: No idea about the name, but tailors can make them since RoI! (dye olive)
Chest: I don’t know its name either, but it can be found as serveral quest rewards in Dunland (dye olive)
Hands: Just like the chestpiece these are questreward from Dunland (dye umber)
Boots: Same goes for those as with the gloves and chestpiece (dye umber)
Back: Trappers pack (from skirmish-camp)(dye umber)

Oki so the only item I’m 100% sure about it the bagpack, oh well, tommorow I’ll edit it so don’t worry! 😀


Oki now I have the correct item information:

Head: Fancy Plummed hat (lotro store only)
Shoulders: Fated Westfold Assault Shoulders (westfold-crafted)
Chest: Riders sturdy waistcoat (Dunland quest reward)
Hands: Sturdy leather Guantlets (Dunland quest reward)
Feet: Scouts weathered leather boots (Dunland quest reward)
Back: Trapper’s pack (Skirmish camp, cosmetic items)

There you go! 😀

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