Hurraaah for Weatherstock!

Hullooooo! I’m back after a long long loooong blog-break! ^_^
Yesterday there was a really big happening in middle earth, The Weatherstock 5 had arrived and of course I was there to dance, cheer and enjoy all talented bands from all over LotRO!! πŸ˜€
There was 700, yes 700!!! people’s on the weathertop this year, it was absolutely craaaazy! And 11 wonderful bands from a lot of difrent servers. And we got to experience the most epic lagg EVER! Trust me it’was like stepping in GLUE! XD

And of’course between all dancing and cheering I maked sure to take a lot of screenshots, so I gonna share the bestest ones here on my blog! ^_^

Here’s the gathering by the Forsaken inn! As yah can see there’s allready craaaazy lot of folks there! And there’s even more to come!
WS Gathering by the Inn

Here were walking up the hill, I’ve almost reached the top!!
WS The walk up the hill 3

The Lonely Mountain Band played entertained us with some great music as we arrived to the top:
WS The Lonely mountain Band

And just LOOK at all the people’s up there:
WS The Crowd 2

WS The Crowd 3

When everyone had gathered it was time for all the bands to play for us! And I took picture’s of every band, tho I admitt some of them didn’t turned out quite as well and I’m sorry about that but it’was pretty challanging to good pictures when you’re a short little hobbit and you’re standing in a huuuge crowd! ^_^

Here’s the first band, The Songburrow Strollers!! They were really good, and I voted for them in The battle of the bands! They made me really hungry tho! Luckily they served free pies on the top! ^_^
WS The Strollers

Second band to preform was: R K O! And they were great too! πŸ˜€

Then it was time for The Shades, and they played some really lovely songs, and they won the “Light in the Dark”. This picture’s taken after they won! πŸ˜€
WS The shades

Mornie Alantie played played next and they were great too!
WS Mornie Alantie

Up next was the amazing A Rock and a Hard place:
WS a rock  and a hard place

And then we listened to The Choosen Few, an other amazing band:
WS The Choosen Few

Up next was Die Meisterbarden von Bree, and they won the battle of the bands, a well deserved award cuase they wee great!! πŸ˜€
WS Die Masterbarden won bree

Then it was time for The Breakfast club! They were great, and just their name made me hungry, lucky I still had some of those free pies! ^_^
Ws Second breakfast club

Then A Flock of Smeagols Featuring Don’t Tempt me Frodo played, they were really funny! ^_^
WS Flock of Smeagols&Dont tempt me Frodo

Then the beautiful elves in AndΓΊniΓ« played us some really lovely songs:
WS Anduine 1

The last band to play was Animal House, they were great and had really nice outfits!
WS Animalhouse

After a band had played you could use a hope token, the band to get most tokens win the Light in The Dark, I raised a token after each band!! XD
WS a light in the dark

After all bands had played and the winners had been announced it was time for the Battle of the Bands, which turned out to cuase the most epic lagg ever!! πŸ˜€
I’m not sure if anyone was able to move for I don’t know how long, I tried to get a picture of it, but well… you can’t really see the lagg in a still picture! So here’s a few more pictures on the amazing crowd:
WS The Crowd 7

Ws Dancing elves 2

After about 7 magical hours with lots of wonderful music and fun the weatherstock had come to an end, and togheter we walked down the hill towards Bree:
WS the Walk down the hill

But first we stayed to take a big group-picture:
WS Weatherstock

Then we continued towards Bree:
WS Marching towards bree 3

And here we have invaded Bree-town:
WS INvading Bree 2

Oh! I almost forgot, here’s the lovely hosts of the Show:
Ws The hosts

So lastly I just wanna give a biiiig thank you to everyone who helped out to make this wonderful night magical!!
WS The Crowd 4

Have a lovely day! ^_^

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Hullo! In my last post I mentioned I had to rush away to an other consert. So I figured, maybe I could post some pictures from that one as well? ^_^
So, I do that now! Ones again it was me and the “Lidriettes” who organised it. I usually call them the Lidrie-twins, but they’ve grown in size and now there’s 4 of them… I think.. They never stand still long enough for me to count them! XD

We had not planned this at all, it was one of Lidrielles random but incredible fun ideas, that we should have a good-bye-old-bree consert on the stone outside the Prancing Pony! πŸ˜€
While we of course looked forward to explore the new Bree, old Bree holds many dear memorys and we wanted to honour them with this consert!

The consert was quite the succes I think! We had a amazing crowd and it was quite big too. It might be nothing if you would compare it with events such as Wheaterstock perhaps, but for being a unplanned event held on a small server as withywindle it was big! πŸ˜€

When we had played our songs an other band of musicians took over the stage and me and Lidrielle got a chance to show of some dance-moves too! ^_^

Here comes a big bunch of pictures from the event! πŸ˜€








Before we went to bed that night we took a last walk trough Old bree. Here’s some of the screenshots I took during the little stroll:



In the end we fell asleep under this bush completely exhausted after the days events. ^_^


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Consert in Bree

A couple of days ago me and my elven friend the amazing Lidrielle and her triplets put together a consert by the west stables in Bree. Of course we had to wear some matching band-costume we figured, so we took some items we had with us and came up with the little outfit you can see in the picture below. I thought we were looking quite splendid togheter and I just had to take screenshots and show it on the blog! ^_^


In our quite small but amazing audience I spotted this couple of elves. I fell in love with their outfits and asked if they would allow me to take a screenshot of them to show on my blog. And to my joy they both agreed. So I took a little break from playing the harp and took these lovely shots of them:




Now all we need is a list of items, and there will be one, I promise!
But now I must attend an other consert so it will come later! πŸ˜€

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