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*waves* Supriiiiiiise! ^_^

Hullooooo! ^_^

Random kinda-comeback-update incomming! ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve tried to make the perfect “come-back-thingy” like, a trillion times now and everytime it just wouldn’t turn out perfect at all. Instead it’was kinda stiff and just didn’t feel right at all. So I decided to just write down exactly what first comes to my mind now and then just press the publish button and send it! So… this will most likely not be well written at all… you’ve been warned dear reader, please continue on your own risk! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I kinda have to admitt I stopped playing lotro, thats why this blogs been kinda… quitet. I’m not even sure if anyone’s still visiting? Is anybody actually reading this? If you are then; hullooooo I’m glad to see youuuuu! Thanks for reading my blog! ๐Ÿ˜€ And my deepest apology for being such a lazy updater! ๐Ÿ™‚

Soo… I’was kinda thinking… perhaps I should turn this blog, into an other kind of blog. A gaming/screenshot-blog! ๐Ÿ˜€ See I still do play games, not quite as much as I used to, but still I play them. And I’m still crazy on taking screenshots! In a matter of fact, thats pretty much all I do, not to mention making outfits for my characters! ^_^

I’m kinda worried my computer will one day explode from my 1000s (and thats a understatment! XD) of screenshots.

So, let me start by introducing my main character in Guild Wars 2! Say hullo to my little asura engineer; Chocolie!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Say hullo to Choco!
Just look how happy she is to see you! ^_^

Choco and Stella

And there’s a picture on her togheter with a dog, aren’t they adorable? :3

Oh and in case you’ve not played Gw2, thats not a big dog, its a tiny asura!

And here’s some lovely nature-shots with my norn, Ulva Moontooth, also in Gw2!
Ulva and Eagle

Ulva Mรฅntand

Ulva and bear cub

And a zoooom in on her face:

Since this started out as a outfit-blog I shall continue on that trail and inform you the name of the items my characters are wearing in the pictures! ^_^

Chocolie outfit 1:
Chest: Rascal Coat
Hands: Rascal Gloves

Chocolie outfit 2:
Its the whole pirate-set. (except the shoulders becuase I think they make her look too bulky! XD)

Ulva Moontooth:
Chest: From the Conjurer-set
Legs: Winged Pants
Hands: Embroidered Wristguards
Feet: Apprentice Shoes

Thats all from me for now! now have a lovely day yah all! ^_^

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Tweedia’s Summersteed

Hullo! ^_^

This is one of my old outfits I made last summer to match up this beautiful summersteed!


I absolutely love the colourfulness of this pony, its sooo very hobbity and cheerful! Sadly I don’t think its aviable anymore, maybe possibly through lotro-store. Anyway, with such a lovely colourful pony I feelt I simply had to give my little hobbit Tweedia something to match it up with! And since summer-festival had arrived, why not make it a party-outfit! So I used the funniest hat thats in the game, the woodruff’s hat! ๐Ÿ˜€



Here’s the items I used for the outfit, I’m really sorry but I don’t know the correct dyes! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Hat: Woodruffโ€™s Hat, dyed in either dark green or forest green It can be found either by a quest in Trestelbridge, random drop or it can be bought in lotro store
Shoulders: Cermonial Silver-voice Shoulders, dyed most likely in dark green! It found in skirmish-camp, cosmetic vendor, Helegrod light armour.
Cloak: Cloak of the Autumn Wood, dyed most likely in dark green, can be found in lotro-store
Chest: Long Dwarf-make Robe undyed, can be found by the outfitter in Thorins Hall
Hands: Ceremonial Silver-Voice Gloves, undyed, Cermonial Helegrod light-set, can be found by skimish outfitter
Boots: Cermonial Dragon-scale boots, dyed forest green, also found in skirmish cosmetic vendor, helegrod heavy-set

Thats it, thanks for reading, have a lovely day! ^_^

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Hurraaah for Weatherstock!

Hullooooo! I’m back after a long long loooong blog-break! ^_^
Yesterday there was a really big happening in middle earth, The Weatherstock 5 had arrived and of course I was there to dance, cheer and enjoy all talented bands from all over LotRO!! ๐Ÿ˜€
There was 700, yes 700!!! people’s on the weathertop this year, it was absolutely craaaazy! And 11 wonderful bands from a lot of difrent servers. And we got to experience the most epic lagg EVER! Trust me it’was like stepping in GLUE! XD

And of’course between all dancing and cheering I maked sure to take a lot of screenshots, so I gonna share the bestest ones here on my blog! ^_^

Here’s the gathering by the Forsaken inn! As yah can see there’s allready craaaazy lot of folks there! And there’s even more to come!
WS Gathering by the Inn

Here were walking up the hill, I’ve almost reached the top!!
WS The walk up the hill 3

The Lonely Mountain Band played entertained us with some great music as we arrived to the top:
WS The Lonely mountain Band

And just LOOK at all the people’s up there:
WS The Crowd 2

WS The Crowd 3

When everyone had gathered it was time for all the bands to play for us! And I took picture’s of every band, tho I admitt some of them didn’t turned out quite as well and I’m sorry about that but it’was pretty challanging to good pictures when you’re a short little hobbit and you’re standing in a huuuge crowd! ^_^

Here’s the first band, The Songburrow Strollers!! They were really good, and I voted for them in The battle of the bands! They made me really hungry tho! Luckily they served free pies on the top! ^_^
WS The Strollers

Second band to preform was: R K O! And they were great too! ๐Ÿ˜€

Then it was time for The Shades, and they played some really lovely songs, and they won the “Light in the Dark”. This picture’s taken after they won! ๐Ÿ˜€
WS The shades

Mornie Alantie played played next and they were great too!
WS Mornie Alantie

Up next was the amazing A Rock and a Hard place:
WS a rock  and a hard place

And then we listened to The Choosen Few, an other amazing band:
WS The Choosen Few

Up next was Die Meisterbarden von Bree, and they won the battle of the bands, a well deserved award cuase they wee great!! ๐Ÿ˜€
WS Die Masterbarden won bree

Then it was time for The Breakfast club! They were great, and just their name made me hungry, lucky I still had some of those free pies! ^_^
Ws Second breakfast club

Then A Flock of Smeagols Featuring Don’t Tempt me Frodo played, they were really funny! ^_^
WS Flock of Smeagols&Dont tempt me Frodo

Then the beautiful elves in Andรบniรซ played us some really lovely songs:
WS Anduine 1

The last band to play was Animal House, they were great and had really nice outfits!
WS Animalhouse

After a band had played you could use a hope token, the band to get most tokens win the Light in The Dark, I raised a token after each band!! XD
WS a light in the dark

After all bands had played and the winners had been announced it was time for the Battle of the Bands, which turned out to cuase the most epic lagg ever!! ๐Ÿ˜€
I’m not sure if anyone was able to move for I don’t know how long, I tried to get a picture of it, but well… you can’t really see the lagg in a still picture! So here’s a few more pictures on the amazing crowd:
WS The Crowd 7

Ws Dancing elves 2

After about 7 magical hours with lots of wonderful music and fun the weatherstock had come to an end, and togheter we walked down the hill towards Bree:
WS the Walk down the hill

But first we stayed to take a big group-picture:
WS Weatherstock

Then we continued towards Bree:
WS Marching towards bree 3

And here we have invaded Bree-town:
WS INvading Bree 2

Oh! I almost forgot, here’s the lovely hosts of the Show:
Ws The hosts

So lastly I just wanna give a biiiig thank you to everyone who helped out to make this wonderful night magical!!
WS The Crowd 4

Have a lovely day! ^_^

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Little Miss Honeyrose

Hullo! Today I have an other spring-outfit! And it comes with *drumroll* a hooded cloak!! This is one of the very few outfits I’ve done with a hooded cloak, cuase… I don’t usually fancy hooded cloaks, they hide my pretty hats, and holy taters! I love hats! ๐Ÿ˜€

But today I was inspired by this beautiful outfit: made by Gloredh (Who makes really lovely outfits!) ^_^

And I decided it was time to come over my fear for hooded cloaks, and here’s the result:

(ehm.. well ye.. you’ll see the cloak if you scroll down a couple of pictures! XD)
Cloakless in the water

This is Honeyrose, a young hobbit lass from the Shire who’re taking a stroll in the Shire this early spring morning. She’s going to visit her best friend to bake some muffins, drink some tea and gossip about the latest happenings in the Shire. And maybe, with some luck, there will be pies as well.

On her way there she takes her time to admire the comming of spring and bath her bare toes in the stream. She is wearing a a flower-circlet made of flowers she have picked by the streams border. The sun is warming but its a little windy today so she has brought a light cloak to not get chilled by the winds.


Looking over the river

On the bridge 2

Jumping on a stock!


Items used in the outfit:

Head: Circlet of Fresh-Picked Flowers Dyed: Pink (Farmers Faire festival)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf Dyed: Violet (Yule festival)
Dress: Simbelmyne dress Dyed: Yellow (Spring Festival)
Cloak: Ceremonial Nenuial’s Cloak Dyed: Pink (Skirmish camp, cosmetic vendor, Annuminas cermonial armour)

Thats all, have a lovely day! ^_^

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Spring and Chickens!

Hoooray its finally spring!!
And since it spring I wanted to wear a proper spring-outfit, and I desided it was finally time to get some use of the Cloak of the Cluck. I really love the cloak, not only cuase it looks amazing and adorable, but also cuase it took quite some time, patience and hard work but also lots of fun to earn it. ๐Ÿ˜€

a stroll over the meadow

If anyone reads this who doesn’t know, there’s some quests in the Shire by Sandsons farm were you get to explore Eriador through the eyes of a level 1 chicken, also known as chicken-play. It can get a bit lonely as when you’re a chicken you can only talk to other chickens, but its really fun if you get a group to join in your feathery adventure! It can also be a good idea to get a troup of guards to protect you, as a chicken you’re very weak but luckely tiny and hard to spot! On your trip to trollshaws however there’s dangerous animals nastily hiding in stealth so on that trip in particular, bring a protector! I was lucky who run into a friend as I passed through Bree, and he followed and protected me all the way to rivendell, so I got there with all feathers intact! ๐Ÿ˜€

Picking up the eggs

Protecting a chicken is a really funny task! During my chicken adventures I meet a chicken who was doing the final quest, the quest you get after you’ve earned the cloak, which rewards you with a special title. That quest takes a whole lot longer time to complete then the normal chicken runs, and when I’d finished all mine he still wasn’t finished, so I signed up as his protecter and my! I founded out that protecting a chicken is just as funny and thrilling as being a chicken yourself! Almost more thrilling and scary, specially when the chicken climbs dangerous places like the Misty Moutains and such! ^_^

Thumbs up for spring!

I completed the chicken runs over a year ago, but for some reason I never made a proper outfit for the cloak, until now. I wanted to create a spring-outfit which would match the “Basket of Colourful Egg” and the cloak was just perfect! And I really love this dress in yellow, its such a lovely cheerful colour that makes me happy just by by lookning at it! And the flowers in the hair is simply a must during spring-times! ๐Ÿ˜€

A rest among the flowers



A basket of eggs

Head: circlet of fresh picked flowers Dyed: Gold (Harvest festival)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf Dyed: Gold (Yule festival)
Chest: Innkeepers Dress Dyed: Yellow (lotro store)
Cloak: Cloak of the Cluck [can’t be dyed] (Chicken-run-quests)

Happy Spring everyone!!! ^_^

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A stroll through Chetwood

Hullooooo! ^_^
Here comes the promised outfit and this time its a casual outfit for a hunter. Its quite simple, but I like it very much!

I really love the design of this dress! The leather bracelet attached to the arms prevents the long sleeves to get tangled into the bow and since its not low-necked in the back (like all the other dresses in lotro) it works really well with the travelers hood! ๐Ÿ˜€

While this outfit might not be very practical for hunting or exiting adventures to far away places it is however perfect if all you wanna do is take a little stroll through the woods and at the same time practice your archery a bit.

While I wandered around in Chetwood looking for the perfect place to take pictures for this outfit I found a absolutely beautiful pond with pretty waterlilies, surrounded by amazing trees and greenery. I felt in love with the place, it had such a magical atmosphere, its now having a place in my quite long list of favorite places in Middle Earth! ^_^

Touching the surface of the water (small)

Watching the beautiful nature (small)

After admirring the beautiful pool it was time for some archery training.

Archer Tinytoe

These berries were way too tasty to be left uneaten!

Tasty berries!


Items used in the outfit:

Head: Travelers hood Dyed: Burgundy (lotro store)
Chest: Harvest-brew Dress Dyed: Burgundy (Autumn festival)
Back: Fancy Quiver Dyed: Burgundy (Trestlebridge Outfitter)

Thats all, have a lovely day! ^_^

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Fluff & Stuff

Oh my! I’ve been a terrible lazy blogger recently! In a matter of fact… I’ve not done a single post since FEBRUARY! My, they should start calling me Rosline Lazytoe!
Aaaanyway its time to stop lazying around! Time to get back into fashion-buisness! ๐Ÿ˜€
I do after all still have a quite large collection of both new and old outfits I would like to show. ^_^

But first, I have a little bit of this and that I would like to write about.

First of all I just gotta say its suuuuuch an honour and joy and I’m soo soo soooo happy one of my outfits made it to the final top 10 in the fashion screenshot competition during fashion week and that I even won the fan favorite!! I can barely belive it! ๐Ÿ˜€
Big thanks and hugs to everyone who has voted and cheered at me, your support means more then all pies in the Shire! โค

No prizes in the world can beat all the kind words and support I’ve recived from friends and kinnies it really means a lot! ^_^

Since I’ve allready posted the winning outfit here on the blog, I’ll share one of the other pictures I sended into the competition!This is my submission for the Professional minded category.
Can anyone guese what “proffesion” Dalea is preforming in this screesnhot? ๐Ÿ˜‰


During Fashion week I also attanded two of the events that’s been runned by players. Firstly it was the Freeze-tag at my home-server Withywindle that was held the very first day of the fashion week, if I remember the date correctly. XD

Here’s a picture from the event, I admitt its quite a bad shot, but I was enjoying the tag too much and forgot everything about taking pretty pictures! I took this one in the last minute before everyone left. ^_^
I was in the team representing my kinship: Edhel Annon! And we had purple cloaks, lucky us! ๐Ÿ˜€


I also attended a event over at Landroval in the middle of my night! Which meant I was probebly babbling and chattring a lot, cuase thats what I tend to do sometimes when I am over-tired. XD
It was a small and cosy little fashion event and I meet some really kind and fun peoples. Hopefully I’ll meet them again on one of my future visits on Landroval. ^_^




Now I have one last thing to show! Lately there’s been a bug makes you able to still see people’s characters even after they logg out. I figured out this was my chance to, with some help from my second acount, get all my many alts on the same pictures!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Everyone say: APPLEPIE!

 photo allaltssmall_zps36a23bf8.jpg

 photo Allmycharacters_zps4c13cd7a.jpg

So, yeah, thats my merry bunch of characters! ^_^

That was all fluff and stuff I had for now, and a proper outfit-post is comming soon! ๐Ÿ˜€

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A Brave Hobbit

Azurilie is my bravest little hobbit. She’s not afraid of going in close combat to her enemies and her journey has now taken her beyond the dark halls of moria and into the green lands of Enedwaith. So I wanted to dress her up properly as the hero she is. She proudly wear a fancy hat with a big red feather and her clothes are decorated with golden details. This may not be her most protective attire even if its very influensed by heavy armour, but sometimes even guardians just want to look fancy and heoric. And you can bet all hobbits home in the Shire will look upon her with awe when she returns home in this raiment. ^_^

Azurilie the heroic

Azurilie The Brave..

Azurilie the Proud

Azurilie playin in the grass

I also made a alternativ varation of this outfit, including a bag instead of the cloak. This is also slightly easier to get if you wanna save your turbine points to something else then fancy cosmetics. ^_^

Backpack version

Noes! I forgot to check the items again! *blush*

Well *scolds herself* I’ll do my best remembering and also I’ll see if Google can help me out! XD

Hooray for google!! Here we go:

Hat: Fancy Plumed Hat Dyed: Crimson (lotro store)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the mighty verse Dyed: Burgundy (Wile maw raid minstrel shoulders)
Chest: Commanding War Armour of ร‰omer Dyed: Crimson (lvl 85 crafted heavy armour)
Hands: Town-saver’s cermonial gloves ( skirmish-camp cosmetic vendor, warden armour rift)
Boots: Boots of Durin’s Guard (moria guardian armour)
Cloak: Ceremonial Defender’s Cloak Dyed: Burgundy (lotro store)
Alternativ bag: Dwarf-make Prospector’s Pack Dyed: Crimson (yule festival gift box)

Can’t promise this is 100% correct now, but at least 93%! ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh thats it, byebye and have a lovely day! ^_^

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Visiting Lothlorien

Hullo! ^_^
I’ve been a bit of a lazy blogger recently and have been late with both replying to comments and adding new posts. But today I figured it was time to stop lazying around and I have a new outfit to show! ๐Ÿ˜€

Today its an other one of Neillias fancy outfits. This one is specially made for the day she was entering Lothlorien. Her cloak is decorated with a golden mallorn tree and the colours of the outfit is inspired by the colours of the forest. The golden details in the outfit represent the golden shine in lothlorien during the day, while the purple shades represent the purple-ish darkness of the night. I also really like the combination of purple and gold, it look so royal and fancy! ^_^

dancing into lothlorien

Golden tree-cloak

Neillia on Snowflake

The quality in the following screenshots are a bit affected by the fuzzy golden light in lothlorien but Neillia couldn’t resist posing by the beautiful shores of Anduin and sing among all those beautiful flowers.


Stepping into the water

Singing in lothlorien

I’ll also add a picture during night-time. If one looks carefully one can see the purple sky that glimpse through the trees.

Lothlorien in the night

Head: Balladeerโ€™s Hat Dyed: Purple (Moria light armour vendors)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Seven Stars Dyed: default (Annuminas light armour – epic)
Chest: Elegant Formal Dress Dyed: Purple (lotro store)
Back: Golden Tree Summer Cloak Dyed: Purple (Summer festival)

Thats all, have a lovely day! ^_^

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Neillia and Snowflake

Hullo hullo! Its time for a outfit again! This time its featuring my mintrel Neillia Fiddlefoot and her warsteed Snowflake.

Neillia loves to dress herself in fancy dresses and lovely cloaks. Peferably in romantic colours, but during her many adventures she sometimes has to wear a little sturdier kind of dresses even if she’s not excessively happy about it and as soon as she get the change she change back to her more elegant outfits.

In the pictures below she’s visiting the peaceful lands of Ered Luin and to her joy she gets to wear one of her favorite dresses while she’s walking around among the colourful trees and enjoy the view over falathorn homesteads. As company she has her steed Snowflake who she has given a blancet that matches her dress and his tail is braided with violette bands.

Neillia playing the lute

Looking down over Falathorn

Neillia and Snowflake by the waterfall

Small pictures

Neillia and Snowflake in Ered Luin


Neillia is wearing:
Head: Hat of Mighty Verse dyed: Pink (Wile maw raid gear)
Shoulders: Yule-scarf Dyed: Violete (Yule-festival)
Chest: Tattered Dress Dyed: Pink (loot-box)
Cloak: Simbelmynรซ Cloak Dyed: Violete (Spring festival)

Snowflake is Wearing:
Hide: Solid Warsteed Dyed: White
Mane: Dyed Sorrel
Tail: Braided Flower tail Dyed: Sorrel
Body: Wintry Yule Caparison
Saddle: Wintry Yule Saddle

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