*waves* Supriiiiiiise! ^_^

Hullooooo! ^_^

Random kinda-comeback-update incomming! 😀

I’ve tried to make the perfect “come-back-thingy” like, a trillion times now and everytime it just wouldn’t turn out perfect at all. Instead it’was kinda stiff and just didn’t feel right at all. So I decided to just write down exactly what first comes to my mind now and then just press the publish button and send it! So… this will most likely not be well written at all… you’ve been warned dear reader, please continue on your own risk! 😉

I kinda have to admitt I stopped playing lotro, thats why this blogs been kinda… quitet. I’m not even sure if anyone’s still visiting? Is anybody actually reading this? If you are then; hullooooo I’m glad to see youuuuu! Thanks for reading my blog! 😀 And my deepest apology for being such a lazy updater! 🙂

Soo… I’was kinda thinking… perhaps I should turn this blog, into an other kind of blog. A gaming/screenshot-blog! 😀 See I still do play games, not quite as much as I used to, but still I play them. And I’m still crazy on taking screenshots! In a matter of fact, thats pretty much all I do, not to mention making outfits for my characters! ^_^

I’m kinda worried my computer will one day explode from my 1000s (and thats a understatment! XD) of screenshots.

So, let me start by introducing my main character in Guild Wars 2! Say hullo to my little asura engineer; Chocolie!! 😀

Say hullo to Choco!
Just look how happy she is to see you! ^_^

Choco and Stella

And there’s a picture on her togheter with a dog, aren’t they adorable? :3

Oh and in case you’ve not played Gw2, thats not a big dog, its a tiny asura!

And here’s some lovely nature-shots with my norn, Ulva Moontooth, also in Gw2!
Ulva and Eagle

Ulva Måntand

Ulva and bear cub

And a zoooom in on her face:

Since this started out as a outfit-blog I shall continue on that trail and inform you the name of the items my characters are wearing in the pictures! ^_^

Chocolie outfit 1:
Chest: Rascal Coat
Hands: Rascal Gloves

Chocolie outfit 2:
Its the whole pirate-set. (except the shoulders becuase I think they make her look too bulky! XD)

Ulva Moontooth:
Chest: From the Conjurer-set
Legs: Winged Pants
Hands: Embroidered Wristguards
Feet: Apprentice Shoes

Thats all from me for now! now have a lovely day yah all! ^_^

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