Spring and Chickens!

Hoooray its finally spring!!
And since it spring I wanted to wear a proper spring-outfit, and I desided it was finally time to get some use of the Cloak of the Cluck. I really love the cloak, not only cuase it looks amazing and adorable, but also cuase it took quite some time, patience and hard work but also lots of fun to earn it. 😀

a stroll over the meadow

If anyone reads this who doesn’t know, there’s some quests in the Shire by Sandsons farm were you get to explore Eriador through the eyes of a level 1 chicken, also known as chicken-play. It can get a bit lonely as when you’re a chicken you can only talk to other chickens, but its really fun if you get a group to join in your feathery adventure! It can also be a good idea to get a troup of guards to protect you, as a chicken you’re very weak but luckely tiny and hard to spot! On your trip to trollshaws however there’s dangerous animals nastily hiding in stealth so on that trip in particular, bring a protector! I was lucky who run into a friend as I passed through Bree, and he followed and protected me all the way to rivendell, so I got there with all feathers intact! 😀

Picking up the eggs

Protecting a chicken is a really funny task! During my chicken adventures I meet a chicken who was doing the final quest, the quest you get after you’ve earned the cloak, which rewards you with a special title. That quest takes a whole lot longer time to complete then the normal chicken runs, and when I’d finished all mine he still wasn’t finished, so I signed up as his protecter and my! I founded out that protecting a chicken is just as funny and thrilling as being a chicken yourself! Almost more thrilling and scary, specially when the chicken climbs dangerous places like the Misty Moutains and such! ^_^

Thumbs up for spring!

I completed the chicken runs over a year ago, but for some reason I never made a proper outfit for the cloak, until now. I wanted to create a spring-outfit which would match the “Basket of Colourful Egg” and the cloak was just perfect! And I really love this dress in yellow, its such a lovely cheerful colour that makes me happy just by by lookning at it! And the flowers in the hair is simply a must during spring-times! 😀

A rest among the flowers



A basket of eggs

Head: circlet of fresh picked flowers Dyed: Gold (Harvest festival)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf Dyed: Gold (Yule festival)
Chest: Innkeepers Dress Dyed: Yellow (lotro store)
Cloak: Cloak of the Cluck [can’t be dyed] (Chicken-run-quests)

Happy Spring everyone!!! ^_^

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10 thoughts on “Spring and Chickens!

  1. she is lovely 😀 I really like the colors of the dress, and that cloak! I really need to finish up those quests to get it, is a unique cosmetic item

    • Thank you very much Gloredh! 😀
      And yeah! I totaly recommend those quests, they’re hilarious and the cloak is so adorable and absolutely worth it! ^_^

  2. So pretty and cheerful! Makes me happy too and want to run around barefoot in the grass! The cloak used to do a feather emote when used, but it’s been bugged for two years now. Such a shame. Still a very pretty cloak, especially for hobbits! 😦

    • Oh thank you very much for the kind words! 😀
      I’ve some good news, the bug has been fixed! I’ve been spreading feathers around in everywhere corner of middle earth since I founded out it worked again, always fun to suprise your friends with some feathers and clucks! ^_^

  3. Aww, she’s so cute! Bring on springtime!!! 🙂

  4. Ros, wow – well done for finding something to go with that cloak! It certainly looks like a tricky one to match up and you’ve done a great job! =D

    • Oooh Hullo Izzy and thank you for the kind words! 😀
      I’was really intressting finding items to match up the cloak, since its using many shades of yellow and also quite a lot of details, I’m really happy with the result and I’m glad you like it too! ^_^

  5. Nice outfit:) I thought I had seen all the Store cosmetics, but I seem to have missed that dress:P. Might have to buy it…

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