A stroll through Chetwood

Hullooooo! ^_^
Here comes the promised outfit and this time its a casual outfit for a hunter. Its quite simple, but I like it very much!

I really love the design of this dress! The leather bracelet attached to the arms prevents the long sleeves to get tangled into the bow and since its not low-necked in the back (like all the other dresses in lotro) it works really well with the travelers hood! 😀

While this outfit might not be very practical for hunting or exiting adventures to far away places it is however perfect if all you wanna do is take a little stroll through the woods and at the same time practice your archery a bit.

While I wandered around in Chetwood looking for the perfect place to take pictures for this outfit I found a absolutely beautiful pond with pretty waterlilies, surrounded by amazing trees and greenery. I felt in love with the place, it had such a magical atmosphere, its now having a place in my quite long list of favorite places in Middle Earth! ^_^

Touching the surface of the water (small)

Watching the beautiful nature (small)

After admirring the beautiful pool it was time for some archery training.

Archer Tinytoe

These berries were way too tasty to be left uneaten!

Tasty berries!


Items used in the outfit:

Head: Travelers hood Dyed: Burgundy (lotro store)
Chest: Harvest-brew Dress Dyed: Burgundy (Autumn festival)
Back: Fancy Quiver Dyed: Burgundy (Trestlebridge Outfitter)

Thats all, have a lovely day! ^_^

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2 thoughts on “A stroll through Chetwood

  1. This pond is indeed beautiful. But only half as beautiful as your new outfit! 😀

  2. Oh Hullo Lidrie!! Thank you sooo much for the kind comment! 😀

    Haha its quite rare to see Rosline in such fancy outfits, or well not anymore, my newest outfit is even more fancy then this one! XD

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